About Us

Designed by Dock Builders
The developers and owners of The Reel Float System come from a long line of professional dock builders. Over a period of three generations, they've engineered and constructed some of the area's most innovative dock facilities.

A Great New Idea in Floating Docks
So it's no surprise that one of the great new breakthroughs in floating dock design comes from the Reel Float team. They've used their decades of dock building experience to develop an innovative new patented, structural floating dock design that assembles in half the time, requires no maintenance and lasts decades longer than conventional wood-framed floatation systems.

Exceptional Manufacturing Standards
But good design is one thing -- manufacturing products to exceptional quality standards is another. Reel Float components and completed units are produced in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The entire floatation is high-density polyethylene with an approximate wall thickness of one-half inch -- the thickest in the industry.

Arrive Ready for the Water
Gusseted tabs provide quick, durable float connections and variations in deck height are easily achieved. Pre-constructed, one-piece Reel Float Systems arrive ready for the water. Just add your frame, deck and you
're done.